Heen & Weer

The "Heen&Weer" was built between 1908 and 1909 by the Antwerp organ builder J.Bursens, making it the oldest known organ of this make. Originally it was built as a dance organ. There is a photo of it taken in front of the factory. Shortly after the 1° world war the organ was transferred to the Netherlands and rebuilt into a more compact street organ. This was the fate of many Belgian dance organs. Instrumentally it remained for the most part original, but because the front in this capacity was far too large for the street, it was reduced in size. The current front is clearly recognizable on the picture:

When the organ for the centenary "100 Years Organ Building Bursens" turned up in October 2008, Alberic Godderis (22) from De Panne seized the opportunity to take the historic instrument into his workshop.

The instrument was made ready to play again, as the organ had given its ghost just after that centenary. A thorough restoration of the complete instrument will follow. But in the meantime the "Heen&Weer, after years back, can step out of anonymity. It is the ambition of the young owner to bring as many people as possible into contact with this beautiful piece of Belgian/Dutch cultural heritage. Undoubtedly, music lovers will love the soft, authentic tones of the oldest still rotating organ from the Hoboken organ culture.

Het is de ambitie van de jonge eigenaar om zoveel mogelijk mensen in contact te brengen met dit prachtig stukje Belgisch/Nederlands cultureel erfgoed.

Ongetwijfeld zullen de muziekliefhebbers houden van de zachte, authentieke tonen van het oudste nog draaiende orgel uit de Hobokense orgelcultuur.

  • Technical aspects

    Bouwer: Joseph Bursens
    Bouwjaar: 1908-1909

    - No of keys-> 68
    – bassen : 6 gedekt + gedekt hulp + 6 trombones in forte
    – accompagnementen : 9 , gedekte + strijker
    – toetsen voor zang : 17
    – registers zang : bourdon, viool, piston
    – tegenzang : 17 toetsen
    – registers tegenzang : viool, fluit 8 ‘, cello, undamaris, cello-grave
    – percussie : grote trom, kleine trom, bekken, woodblock